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Liquidation of matrimonial regimes

In France, in the absence of a marriage contract, the spouses are subject to the legal regime of the Community reduced to acquests. This means that the property they owned before the marriage remains theirs, as will property from a gift or inheritance during the marriage.

Liquidation des régimes matrimoniaux

For the rest, everything will belong to the Community. He is in a way a third partner in the marriage, of which the spouses do not really become aware until the day they wish to dissolve this Community, especially on the occasion of their divorce. The dissolution of this Community, its liquidation, will involve a certain number of calculations and operations for the purpose of determining the rights of each of the spouses.

Cabinet FOURNIER is able to establish your matrimonial regime liquidation, and must be assisted by a Notary in the presence of real estate. This work will be done upstream for divorces by mutual consent. It may be done during the divorce proceedings or subsequently in other cases.

Cabinet FOURNIER nevertheless has a habit of starting this liquidation phase very quickly, regardless of the procedure initiated, insofar as on the one hand, this allows to have an estimate as close as possible to the patrimonial situation of the spouses upon dissolution. marriage, and thus to assess as accurately as possible the potential compensatory allowance. On the other hand, if the spouses manage to agree on the conditions for the liquidation of their matrimonial regime, they will be able to have their agreement approved within the framework of the divorce proceedings, which will avoid any dispute on this point for the future.

The Cabinet FOURNIER will take care of your liquidation whether you got married under the legal regime of the community reduced to acquests, the separation of property, the universal community, or the company participating in acquests.