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Eloïse FOURNIER is a lawyer at the Dijon Bar, and has been practicing this profession since 2005. His year of taking the oath corresponds to that of the entry into force of the texts of laws which have profoundly modified the divorce procedure.
On the strength of this concomitance, Maître FOURNIER has been able to develop his dominant activity in the field of family litigation. Cabinet FOURNIER intervenes in family matters for divorces, separations, questions of children’s residence, "joint custody", alimony, compensatory allowance, visitation rights and accommodation for parents, change of name and / or first name, or actions to challenge paternity.

More specifically, within this vast subject of Family Law, Cabinet FOURNIER deals with the liquidation of matrimonial regimes, or joint ownership. This is a difficult and technical phase when separating a couple.

The human and the emotional often take the upper hand, and this essential question of liquidating their pecuniary interests can quickly take a thorny turn. Maître FOURNIER puts his expertise in this area at your service to make this crucial point accessible to you, and to defend your interests. For this, it should be noted that while the Lawyer has a habit of being consulted once the judicial hostilities are announced, he also has a role to play in every phase of your life.

Whether :

  • your union : marriage, PACS or cohabitation ;
  • the purchase of the property that will follow or has already taken place;
  • your separation: amicable or conflictual ;
  • the fate of the children, when their parents are no longer going to live together,
  • etc.

Our firm assists you in considering the various hypotheses that are presented to you, and fully informing you of their legal, fiscal and patrimonial implications. Taking the lead by consulting the Cabinet FOURNIER allows you to anticipate situations that could tarnish your future, and complicate a conflict, where other choices, in consultation with your Lawyer, would have saved you from the difficulties you encounter.

Cabinet FOURNIER is located in the historic center of Dijon, opposite the Court of Appeal. You will find our contact details below, as well as information on our specific areas of intervention, and our prices in the other tabs.

Good visit.